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Close to Merano: Rafting, canyoning or paragliding in Val Passiria

Thrills and spills

For those looking for a thrilling holiday in South Tyrol don’t miss the opportunity of trying rafting, tarzaning, canyoning or a tandem paragliding flight.

The Südtirol Rafting association, just outside our campsite offers exciting white water tours for beginners and experts on the waves of the Passirio river. These tours are also a great way to discover the flora and fauna around the river and get to know the region better.

Very close to our campsite there is also the Tandemclub Ifinger – Fly Hirzer. Assisted by expert pilots you can fulfil your dream of flying and admire the natural beauty of this fantastic region from a bird’s eye view.

In the area just behind Val Passiria you can have a go at another thrilling activity surrounded by nature. Together with the alpine and canyoning guide Erwin Mairginter you can try an exciting tarzaning and canyoning tour, during which you can test your bravery by climbing, jumping, sliding and abseiling in spectacular gorges.