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Surroundings of Merano: Mountain bike El Dorado and hiking holiday paradise

Excursions and bike rides immersed in nature

Val Passiria is a unique place with a lot of natural beauty. The Tessa Group Natural Park is the largest of its kind in the South Tyrol and it is possible to explore it along the 80 km Merano high mountain trail, one of the most beautiful trails in the South Tyrol. The European hiking trail also crosses this area that goes from Brittany in France to the Italian city of Verona.

The irrigation channel paths

The much loved walking paths around Merano, the Irrigations channel paths express all their charm above all in spring and autumn. A few centuries ago artificial irrigation channels were created along the apple orchards and vineyards, the so-called “ditches”. To look after and maintain the ditches paths were created alongside them which came to be known and the irrigation channel paths. The overseers of the irrigations channels, i.e. the Waalers ensured that the water was distributed correctly and checked the channels. Today these paths along the irrigation channels have become beautiful excursion trails. Particularly recommended is the Maiser path that goes from Saltusio in Val Pusteria to Maia Alta near Merano. Starting from Castel Planta, the path winds through orchards, woods and meadows. This excursion is particularly fascinating in spring when the apple blossom paints the landscape pink.

Cycle lanes in Val Passiria

The river Passirio accompanies cyclists along the 20 km cycle lane that runs through all of Val Passiria from Merano (525 m above sea level), passing through Saltusio (490 m above sea level) up to San Leonardo in Passiria (689 m above sea level).

The cycle lane almost entirely of gravel with a part in tarmac near Merano is predominantly flat or with a minimum slope, takes cyclists to the splendid scenery of Val Passiria along the river near the villages of Tirolo, Rifiano, Caines, Saltusio and San Leonardo in Passiria.