We'll be back on the 25th of May!

Special times require special solutions

We don't want to miss social contacts and the freedom to move and exchange personal information ever again. Therefore it is of utmost importance to us to take all possible security measures to protect our employees, our guests, ourselves and our surroundings.

However, one thing must not be forgotten: the feeling of being "at home". We will do our utmost, despite certain restrictions, to make your holiday as relaxed as possible and to continue to give room to personal encounters, feelings and emotions. This summer will be a different summer than the summers before. But it will be an equally beautiful summer. A summer full of warmth and joy at seeing each other again!

General measures:

  • Minimum distances are maintained throughout the house. This is easy, as we have spacious pitches and facilities. We have space!
  • Our employees and we work in guest contact with mouth and nose protection. Where it is sensible and necessary, gloves are worn.
  • We offer our guests the possibility of an online pre-checkin before arrival and optimise the contact points and procedures at the reception. Furthermore, we will welcome you as warmly as possible, even if handshakes and hugs, as sad as it is, will be absent this year.
  • Critical points such as door handles, handrails and light switches are disinfected several times a day.

Sanitary facilities:

  • Our standards of cleaning and hygiene have been and will remain very high. Due to the current situation, we have revised, extended and adapted them again. Our facilities will be thoroughly disinfected and disinfectant dispensers, which are already available in the toilets, will be increased in all common rooms. We ask our guests to wash their hands carefully before and after using the facilities.
  • Our rental bathrooms are thoroughly disinfected during the final cleaning.
  • Shortly decided we will set up an outdoor shower!


  • Our apartments are thoroughly disinfected during the final cleaning. The laundry is washed pore-deep clean at 95°C.

Swimming pool:

  • Our outdoor pool is open. Corona viruses do not survive in chlorinated water. For the sake of all our guests' health, we ask you to keep a minimum distance of 2 m.
  • Our deckchairs are disinfected daily. Use our large sunbathing lawn and keep the distance here as well.